The Power of a Name

Things are not always what they seem to be.

Apple. Apple creates No Space. When discussions of technology come about, its the infamous name that everybody hears about. The one behind the great i-World that promises progress and innovation. Sleek press conferences and publicized premieres mark a couple techniques up the company’s sleeve for establishing brand supremacy. But behind the glorious Apple retina screen, there is an implicit exclusivity that lies behind any filter that we can see. What do I mean??

Apple creates Emojis that we use every day. Android users are unable to see certain newer emojis.

This. If you have a physical iPhone then your text messages will be read and sent in blue to another iPhone. However if you have an android and are texting an iPhone, to the iPhone user you will be perceived as green. Normally one wouldn’t be so preoccupied with a game of color association, but in this world, we are more than meets the eye and something as small as a green text bubble drops your value in the eyes of the elite iPhone users.

That is branding at its finest. If you aren’t part of the elite society that defines progress, you are nothing more than a green bubble — your entire character has now been limited to your phone preference. The assumption regarding the inferior android race is that the replies are slower and it doesn’t feel like an actual conversation — there’s no read receipts to be seen, there’s no little aesthetic “…” to remind you that the other person is still typing. In reality, we have simply lost touch with our sense of patience and have let divisions in something as simple as color lead our perceptions astray. The Brand in a sense, becomes more powerful than its function. There are no repercussions on being a second or two slower, or being a different color; rather, it’s us who have been conditioned by big business to notice the differences to feel like we are more accepted into a common circle of acquaintances.

Another aspect is the Emojis. Those little characters that are sent to represent an image. Apple creates these Emojis and releases new ones in every update. If you aren’t part of the Blue master race you are unable to participate in the fun that Apple has synthetically created.

Apple. Apple creates No Choice. To be Blue you need to be running iOS — Apple’s mobile phone operating system. And that’s your only option to join the super secret exclusive Apple master race. However if you choose the alternative, a variety of phones with a medley of different features and phone specifications, you sacrifice your status and are now Green. Android, Apple’s competitor has so many different options — Samsung, LG, HTC, etc, that it creates a natural competitive market within itself, where sales are derived from innovation.

3 Different android Phones with different designs.

The pandemonium of Apple-fandom has truly shown that our societies are leaning towards form over function. Annually, lines for the new iteration of the iPhone stretch down streets, hundreds willing to camp out for the next big thing. Not to say that Android releases don’t garner hype as well, but the singular focus on the newest iPhone, a different sized, slower iPhone (SE), or maybe an ‘upgrade’ to an existing model (S).

These are the current phones you can buy with iOS.

Apple. Apple creates No Jobs. Literally, no jobs. This is not a clever alliteration. Apple products are only designed in the United States. A majority of its products are created in mostly in Asia, and purchased through Samsung, a major competitor to Apple. The iPhones are then assembled by Foxconn, which is based in Taiwan but has many companies in southeast Asia.

Why are we so invested in a company, no — rather a product that is not even based in the United States? Because of Branding. Not because it’s the best product on the market, but because we think it’s the best product on the market.

Popular Brands of revenue

Perception is key. At the most base level? We do a number of things to keep our own image and perception positive to those around us, from something second nature as personal dialect and slang, to something more expressive in the form of clothing choice and style. At higher levels though, perception has taken over us as social creatures in an aspect of our lives just as pervasive; our technology. A product is only as good as it is perceived to be. You never really have to truly innovate if you’re thought of as a forerunner, and in reference to the technological giant Apple, branding has elevated anything the company touches to a higher status — so high that the competition couldn’t even hope to stand to it.

In the end it stands to show that companies have power in more than just their product. Their name and how they achieve the lowest price point by outsourcing along with pushing out other competitors in the market is the backbone of Corporate America. Apple exemplifies and embodies all the points that Naomi Klein points out in No Logos.



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