2003.05.18 — The Word of God on the fourth Sunday after Passover, of the paralytic

The Word of God[1] on the fourth Sunday after Passover, of the paralytic[2]

I take from your sleep and from the rest of your body, from its power and from your work for My people, work that makes your spirit tired, for you work with your spirit, children who receive My coming in word. Amen.

Today is also a day for My teaching over the people, so much taught by God. It is a day of growth in faith, humility and miracles, children and sons, because you are into My hand as some children who serve their God more than My children who had been before you, for My time with you is a great time. It is the time of My word, which flows like a river, because God is no longer upon the man in a true way, for the man is mixed with his own self and I cannot be over this mixture, for no one comes back from death if one saw Me working from the man who is mingled with his own self, because this is what the man would say that I was: mixed with the things of the man.

I had to make a fence around My work with you, so that I may keep you in Me, and in this way to be able to come down to you and for you to be My bridge, children sons. My word is written into the Scriptures: «He who does not receive My kingdom like a child, cannot enter it». Amen. Let servants and the rulers of the world church answer Me if they are children, and then if they receive My kingdom. Let them answer Me! But what are they to answer Me? They cannot answer you, let alone Me! How are they supposed to teach you what to do when they do not teach themselves and among themselves about God’s kingdom? How shall they teach you when I, the Lord, teach you? I would touch them to punish them for their unbelief into My coming to you as word, and for the reprimand they have been making to you whenever it has suited them. But woe to them, for neither of them will escape from the punishment they have prepared for themselves because they put in chains the one who stood witness among them to My work with you. (The bishop John Irineu, r.n.) If they had believed that I was that work, would My witness have confessed his unbelief anymore? The witness, whom I had among them and with whom I had been working a new beginning of new living church, which was not mixed with the lawlessness? I spoke and I speak again that the whole unbelief and contempt, which this one has been spreading among you now, have been because no one of them wanted to believe and become children and to receive the kingdom of God afterwards. What shall I do with those who are great in their eyes? I can do nothing. I cannot have any room in them no matter how much I would grow less in order to make them know Me by the spirit of My humility and then by the grace from above, which only those who are born from above have, and those from below do not have it. I will crush their greatness soon, soon, as I also crushed the bishop’s who had been fighting against you for seven years, (The bishop Basil of Târgovişte, to which the locality of Glodeni belongs and where the “New Jerusalem Holy Citadel” monastery is, r.n.), and then they fell and paid on earth with torment and sorrow the whole pile of stones, which they had thrown into you. I will crush their greatness because I do not need it, as I also do not need any honor from them, for I said: «I do not receive glory from the people». I do not receive it because I am the humble God and the man does not believe that I do not receive honor from him. What shall I do with the honor for Me from the one who does not love Me with his body, with his soul and with his spirit?

I will punish them all, both people and their offspring, because they took away from near you the one who believed in Me and because they made him blaspheme My way from heaven down on to earth and because they made him separate himself from My holy word, the word of the eternal life, which fills the air when I come down with it to you, and which shakes the dwelling of the dead and the hell, so that it may give back the dead as it is written into the Scriptures.

Woe, and seven times woe, and even seventy times seven woe to those who think of the word of My mouth, which flows smoothly from Me during these days, that it is the word of man and not I, Myself, the Word of the Father, the Son of the Father, God the Word, Who became flesh two thousand years ago, and now, the word for the resurrection of the dead, for I said: «The time is coming for those in the tombs to hear the voice of the Son of God and to come to life». Amen. Whoever does not believe in this time in My word of nowadays, to this one it is not said that he believed or that he believes in the prophets of the Scriptures, or in Moses, with whom I spoke in the mount Sinai, and then, all the time of Moses’ Israel. Amen. (See the selection topic: „The dead hear My voice[3]”, r.n.)

I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and I am the same from everlasting to everlasting, but My people Israel killed Me when I came because I released the obligation of Saturday and because I said that God was My Father and because I said that I also was God.

Oh, people unfaithful to My coming of nowadays! I also said to those who did not believe then that I was the Son of God and that the Father was in Me and I in Him; I told them that «The Son cannot do anything of Himself but what He sees the Father doing»; and I told them: «Whatever things He does, these the Son also does likewise. For the Father has affection for the Son, and shows Him all things that He Himself does. He will show Him greater works than these that you may marvel. For as the Father raises the dead and gives them life, even so the Son also gives life to whom he desires… He who does not honor the Son does not honor the Father Who sent Him». (John 5:19–23) Oh, what will you do when you see those in the tombs that are coming out at My voice of today? (See the selection topic: „Resurrection of the dead[4]”, r.n.) You, who have no mercy on the weak one, as also those like you did not have mercy on the paralytic who could not walk for so many years, and who had been waiting for such a long time for someone to put him into the pool, which healed the man by My healing angel, what will you do when you will see this work of word that will give light to the whole world and that will make it new, and you will be cast out from the kingdom because you have not had any humility and faith and holiness without which no one can see the Lord? You marvel at how I can be and at how I can work over these whom I help Myself with to come and to become word and book over the earth then. Oh, do no longer marvel! I myself said that the man’s holiness is My house in man. I made the man to be My house and My paradise for God and for the saints. Do no longer marvel at how I can come as word on earth making a people for Myself, for I have come to bring together all those that I have elected from margins to margins and you are not those that I have elected. However, you elect one another and you say that you are Mine, but those who are My elected are those that I, the Lord, choose, and bring them together around Me and for Me and not for the emptiness of the human glory, under which you stay, receiving the reward of your temporariness even while you are on earth, and not beyond those that are not seen.

I went to the sheep gate when the Jewish people was celebrating and increasing in number and I came near to the pool in which My angel used to come and touch those who were suffering to make well the one who would enter first into the water, and then the angel would leave; and I saw the one who had been suffering for thirty eight years, for no one was there to help him, and I said to him: «Do you want to be made well? Arise, take up your mat, and walk». (John 5:6–8) And because it was Saturday, the Jews found cause to say to him that it was not lawful to take his mat and walk. Instead of marveling at him that he, who had been sick for so many years, could take his mat and walk on his foot they judged him and they judged Me as well after they found out that it was I who healed him and that I told him to take his mat and walk in a day of Sabbath. It was in vain that I told them that the Son could not do anything of Himself if He did not see His Father doing. It was in vain that I told them that My Father had been working by that time and that I had also been working. It was in vain, as it is also in vain now that I tell you at this time, people of the church from the world, that I am this word, which comes with the clouds, the Son of the Lord, Who comes as He said before that His coming would be, and that His name is the Word of God. (Rev. 19:13, r.n.) And here is what I tell you: if you do not believe that I am, at least believe in these words of the eternal life and become wise by them and advise the people to come and drink and be healed with the waters of life, and I will speak of you into My kingdom when I come. And if you do not do this way, it will happen to you as it happened to the thief on the cross on My left on Golgotha, for those who blaspheme are to be mourned. Why is it hard for you to believe that everything what is here, where I speak and share Myself, is made by Me? Should I really ask you, the rulers of the church from the world? However, did I not choose a witness among you, (The bishop John-Irineu, from the Romanian Orthodox Church, r.n.), to stretch out a bridge for you so that you might find Me here calling the man to life? Oh, why did you work like that and made him to be like you then? I made him greater than you and he is like that now, for what I have given him I have given and he has it. Only that you have dealt with him as the rulers of the Jews did with Me and with those who were My disciples, who believed that I was from the Father.

Oh, unfaithful people! I will no longer have patience with you. Oh, until when do you want to stay in the cornerstone and not I? Until when do you want to be ignorant as far as My church and God with the man on earth mean? Until when, really? Until I, and not the man, will take your ministry away and you will be put to shame because of your unbelief. And the crippled, the lame, the blind and all who suffer will arise and I will heal them for you do not know to be judges. (See the selection topic: The true church[5]”, r.n.) You do not know, because you are not from God, but you appointed one another under My name instead, and that because of your lawlessness, I am not taken into consideration among the people without any guide on earth. However, I, as a merciful Shepherd, here it is how I come with food, with good pasture, with living water and with a voice calling to life every man who wants to pass from death to life, loving those that are Mine. Amen.

Oh, My Jerusalem taken out of Romanians, the Romanian people does not know to look for you and to take Me from you and to come to life. I have a fallow land with a treasure on it, on the land of the Romanian country, and many buy it. Only that it does not want to buy the land with My treasure in it. And what can it buy it with? With self-denial and cross, with a holy life and without the spirit of the world in it, for the world crucified Me, because its spirit cannot be with My Holy Spirit. (See the selection topic: Romania — The New Jerusalem — The New Canaan[6]”, r.n.)

I come as a mysterious Shepherd on the Romanian land and I pour Myself over it with the river of life so that all the nations of the earth may drink of it, and those that are against My kingdom, which I come now on the earth with, starting with you, children of the Romanian Jerusalem, these will see you and they will believe, wanting or not, through those who will shine with Me in them after I will have revealed My glory on you and in you, for that is why I give you food and you will be blessed, those who eat and grow less and not bigger, and stay under the exhortation of the eternal life and become holy, sanctifying yourselves for Me, your Lord and God.

Receive Holy Spirit! Receive, for he who receives has, and the one who does not receive does not have. Make way to My word over the earth, for I have to renew the earth, from margins to margins, for the word is the one who gives life and spirit of life. Receive from My mouth and this is how you are to listen, and let My book with you be your first food, and then I will add all other things to you for your life, sons. Amen, amen, amen.


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[2] Translated by I.A., r.n.

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