THE Casting Workshops Scam Goes Out of Business

Hey Everyone,

I am a Los Angeles Casting Director that will be covering news and LEGITIMATE opportunities for aspiring actors, while also pointing out the SCAMS in the industry. What prompted me to start this blog is a pay-for-play “business” I have been following for quite a while called “THE Casting Workshops” aka “TCW” by a scammer named “Greg James” (real name Gregory Gaugel of Ohio) run on the website that has suddenly disappeared, just like I predicted would happen! This guy has been flying around the country charging $295 ($295!!!!) for parents to have their kids read for a few different casting directors. I had tried to reach out to Greg “James” to see how many opportunities his workshop actually created but he never returned my inquiry, so it’s safe to say ZERO. This guy has likely scammed unwitting people out of thousands of dollars only to disappear now in what appears to be a fly by night operation. If you come across Greg, you should call him out as a scammer. If you are a parent that has been to one of his workshop/fake auditions, you should request your money back! Next week we will be covering another scam operation…STAY TUNED!!

UPDATE: It appear he has started a new scam operation called “LA KIDS ACTING CAMP” (, this time for THOUSANDS! UNBELIEVABLE!

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