Botanical Garden Design Process Blog

My assigned plant. I never learned its name but i feel we became friends none the less.

For this assignment I was given a plant to render in a vector graphics program. the point of the assignment was to manipulate form while keeping the fidelity of an original object. This rendition of the plant would then be used as an element in tote bag design.

I started by documenting my plant and sketching it from various angles. I really tried to understand what vital elements of its form would need to be transferred over to the graphic version.

After fleshing out the main shapes I added the vital components to the flowers form. I had trouble making my initial drawings in the vector graphics program look organic, my shapes were too rigid. In my final graphic I really tried to stress the imperfect curves and natural non-symmetric shapes of the petals and leaves.

My final graphic version

My professor stressed making the graphics “tidy”. This part of the assignment was arduous because all the details must be clean and orderly. It ultimately contributed the most to my knowledge of vector graphics and how to manipulate them.

The next step was to use these graphics as elements in a design for the fictional UW Botanical Garden Club. In this phase of the assignment we were supposed to take our graphics, which we made in black and white, and use them in a color composition. At this point the focus was on using color to create a dynamic composition that draws your eye to the important text

I chose to use the elements like a frame and use their natural curves to draw the audience toward the words in the middle.

Overall I was happy with how the final product came out. If i could change something I think I might have used different colors in the leaves to make them stand out more.

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