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Give me a break. Practically all of these issues have already come up and been addressed by various interviews and debates.

For instance, the consciousness objector status vs his vote for Afghanistan. Bernie was asked about this and stated that he’s not a pacifist and votes for war when he thinks it makes sense.

About your “In support of Marriage Week” comment. This wasn’t an anti-gay stance and you’re pulling it out of context. It was a push back against co-habitation, and had nothing to do with gay rights.

The Saudi Arabia comment. Bernie knows that the real problem in the middle east is the support of the Daesh by the Saudi Royal family. He says he’s going to put pressure on the Saudis to end their support for the Daesh, which is the real enemy in the middle east. If you don’t understand this, then you really need to go do your homework. Bernie is completely right on this issue.

You’re Cherry picking polls about voting for a socialist and again skewing the results about Socialism vs Democratic Socialism. He has been asked about this repeatedly, which destroys your entire narrative about this talking point.

And your claim that Bernie hasn’t raised any money for the Democrats, bullshit, again. Just go watch the fundraising dinners for Minnesota and New Hampshire, Bernie was right along with Clinton. He also signed a fundraising deal with the DNC. That claim is simply not true. Beyond that, Bernie supporters have donated across the board to other democrats who are running, like Russ Feingold, Tim Canova and others. Your claim just doesn’t hold water.

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