Take it or Leave it : Rushing Past the Space in Between

Photo courtesy of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

As working people, we do our thing during the day. We work toward goals and deadlines — and at the end of the day head home hoping to have somewhere to return the next day to do it again. We hold it in our heads that one plus one equals two.

In his autobiography, Bruce Springsteen writes that “artists, musicians, con men, mystics and such are paid to turn that math on its head.” He contends (and I agree) that everybody has the ability to create something inspiring if we suspend disbelief and “That the world is at its best, when we are at our best, when life feels fullest, one and one equals three.”

So why then is it so hard to realize our own best potential? Do we constantly rush past the white space — the areas of unexpressed potential — that exists in ourselves?

I believe the solution is rooted in the word “yes.” Marcus Aurelius once said, “When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive, to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.” As the start of the new year is fading quickly and new year’s resolutions may be becoming thoughts of the past, I encourage you to take a moment and think about your own white space then say “yes” to the moment, to the opportunity to achieve all that is possible that day.

Say “yes” to taking a moment first thing in the morning to think about what behaviors and actions allow you be who you are supposed to become. Create for yourself in that moment the mindset that will allow you to take advantage of an opportunity that may present itself today. Could you say “yes” to it and jump on it behalf of ourselves, our clients or our industry? Take a look at ourselves and examine how we can improve as CEO’s, managers, husbands, wives, brothers, fathers, mothers, sisters, friends by slowing down and taking time to develop our own inner strengths, our own white space that brings value to our work and to our lives.

At The Buckeye Group, we do this on a daily basis. Not just for ourselves, but also, importantly, for our clients. We spend our time looking at the areas where people are rushing through and bring an outside perspective — not necessarily a better way of thinking, but an alternative view — that helps to bring out the potential to make the math add up differently. A view that identifies white space, because we don’t have inherent biases that come from having one’s nose to their respective grindstone on a daily basis.

So, what will you do to train yourself? What will you do to bring out your inner musician, mystic and yes, even your inner con man to realize your potential lies within the white space.