Diary of A Nymphomaniac : Intro.

It sucks that I have to turn to my laptop to cope with reality. Right now, my boyfriend just “broke up” with me and you know what, I don’t blame him. I’ve been an asshole, but I’m afraid that even if I told him I was a little promiscuous back in the day he still would’ve ran. So I trapped him with my charm. I can’t blame me for being charming or can I? In reality I don’t know why I even started a blog, maybe in hopes of writing a book. I feel like my story has to be told even if it’s by little old me. A voice amongst women who like to fuck, and heck to all the men out there “IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS WHOSE BEEN IN HER PUSSY!” I really don’t understand as to why men feel the need to know as to how many partners your lady has had. As long as she hasn’t fucked none of your friends or someone that lives around a 5 mile radius from your home then you have nothing to fucking worry about. OH and as long as it ain’t one of your family members either. Cause ladies that would be some shit you walk into thanksgiving dinner, with the Céline he done scammed for you and you see fine ass Tyrone getting ready to poke that stuffed turkey up and you just get flashbacks of some yogurt experimenting. I feel like when you get to that point, just move out of the country, come back in a few years or never come back. OR just tell your dude, that is, if you want to DIE. I love me some black men and girl those are the most territorial men there are and I love it. When they love their women they love their women. I mean as every man should but my preference is that of lé chocolat. I live in a world where men are so blinded, they feel like women shouldn’t sexually explore their bodies and experience sex. Guess what you guys, I totally understand that you may feel some sort of resentment when you find out or if you ever find out that your lady has had an eventful past. But also a reality check, THATS NOT YOUR FUCKING PUSSY. You do not own that pussy, you don’t not have to push out children one day, you do not bleed from that pussy, or tend to that pussy when it is on fire from a fucking yeast infection, NOOOO! So may you guys take several seats, 25ft under. Funny thing is, that you guys may never know how many partners your partner has really had. And that goes both ways, but its more of a ladies secret. Women don’t kiss and tell, we don’t choose to gloat, if we like it we’ll continue to take our doses of it. We don’t have to tell the world, just take our good dickings on our own time. Some may agree, some may disagree; to each their own. All I know is that I speak for myself, and some people may relate. So back to this whole break up ordeal, I’m not really going to get into details. But I feel like its best for us to go our separate ways, I mean I’ve had my fair share of fun and he needs a peace of mind for his own sanity. Sometimes I think to myself that I fucked up by telling him bits and parts of my past but the adult in me screams “GIRLLLLL you did the right thing, being honest is key in a relationship, ANNNNDDD he already done dug up all your social media and contacts from way back then so you had no choice but to spill some of the beans.” Meanwhile the hoe in me is like “You know you gonna be sucking his dick sometime this week, right?” Ive been through one too many break ups, and for some reason the most recent one doesn’t make the last one look as bad. Right now I’m on my phones hotspot, on shared data, at lé 90% brink all because I don’t have my own wifi. Yeah I know, its 2016 who doesn’t have their own wifi, that’s another story to tell. I’ll be back probably with criticism on what the website needs to make it easier on lé proofreading *cough* autocorrect *cough*.

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