Every year we are always bombarded with news about mass shootings, killings and injustices in different parts of the world. It is slowly becoming a cycle.

When will we wake up, stand up and make a change?

From the most recent mass shooting in Las Vegas to the old days of the first world war.

Haven’t we learned already that violence was and never the answer?

Haven’t we learned anything from all the mistakes of the past generations? The streets and concert halls nowadays are slowly becoming a battlefield. Blood spilled like it’s spoiled milk and people are used like they are pawns in a chess board. Is this actions slowly becoming a norm? What happened to us? What happened to just living without being scared of what’s in store for us in the future? Scared of walking in the street freely? What happened to humanity and most importantly what happened to just being humane…

So how? How can we stand up? Without shedding a single blow of violence? We can all start with three words and that is “LOVE, INCLUSION & ACCEPTANCE”.

We need to start loving one another and accepting that everyone is different and have the right to live in this world. We may have different skin colors, races, beliefs, religion but beneath us, beneath the organs and all the muscles. We are all the same. We are all humans.

We may have a long way to go but we can start one step at a time. One good deed can be the only one good deed a man needs to continue living.