JOOX : The Complete, Free, & Legal Music Streaming Apps

Music is one of the important part of our life. We can get calmness and motivation while listening to music. So, it won’t apart from apps that streams music for you. Nowadays, there are already many technology companies that owns a streaming music app. Let’s say SoundCloud, Spotify, MixRadio, Guvera, Pandora, Apple Music, etc. They are still competing in streaming music app market that is very popular now. Day by day, a new music startup isn’t stop emerging with their features different from others. One of them is JOOX.

JOOX is a streaming music application released by Tencent Holding Ltd, a company behind the popular instant messaging, WeChat, from Shenzen, China. This streaming music app with its slogan “Live Your Music” provides more than 2 million songs for users around the world to listen.

Let’s see the following features of JOOX that makes me want to review this streaming music app :

Discover Various Music

JOOX lets you discover diverse and complete collections of music than other streaming music apps. You can find all your favourite artists, tracks, and genres. In JOOX, are Top Charts, Top Downloads, New Releases, Recommended, Featured Artists, Radio, Editor’s Picks, Hot Genres, Hot Tracks, and Local Flavor. These features are very useful for music lover because they will find more and more songs around the world. You can stay up to date to music growth with New Releases feature. If you are confused on searching songs, you can use JOOX Radio feature to explore professional editors’ pick songs.

Create Your Own Playlist

You can create own playlists containing your favourite songs in JOOX.


The most eye-catching feature of JOOX is Lyrics. Lyrics is useful for people who love Karaoke and sometimes forgets the lyric of a song they are listening to. The way Lyrics work is by highlighting every phrases one by one.

Import Songs

JOOX allows you to import your device songs to play them on JOOX music player.

Theme Gallery

JOOX user interface is not monotonous. There are theme gallery where you can choose a theme you like.

Offline Download

If you want to listen to music in offline mode, you can download the songs and put them in a playlist. There will be a green sign on a song title if you have successfully downloaded the song. There are also Auto-Download feature that download your songs automatically


You can set timer for your playlist so JOOX will stop playing the songs. This feature is useful for people who are oversleep while listening to music.

Social Sharing

You can share what you are listening to Facebook and WeChat.

Streaming Quality

You can manage your data usage by setting streaming quality. On Data network, the available qualities are low, normal, and high. On Wi-Fi network, the available qualities are medium and high. The higher streaming quality a song is playing, the more enjoyable you are. However, you must also pay attention to your data usage.

Unlimited Music License

JOOX allows you to have unlimited access to licensed music so you can appreciate your favourite artist’s creation.

Music Video and Interview

Not only songs you can play, but also the music video. You can access the music video for free but require faster internet connection for a smoother experience. Beside music video, you can also watch the artists interview.

My Music

Inside My Music, you can view all your playlists, favourite, downloaded, and imported songs.

Web Version

While you are working on your PC/Laptop, you can open JOOX website to stream your favourite music. When you open other pages of JOOX website, the songs won’t stop and continue playing. However, not all mobile app features are available on web version.

Play Queue

Play Queue is a queue where your upcoming and played songs are listed. I found this only available on Web Version.

VIP account

You will meet a VIP sign beside a song title. It means the song requires VIP account. VIP account is premium account. So, if you want to have a VIP account, you must buy it. However, you can get it for free. How ? Just get up to date to the JOOX newsboard. For example, A news that tell you if you want to have a VIP account for a day, share a song to Facebook and WeChat.

So, what are you waiting for ? Let’s download the app for your device. It is available on Android, iOS, and Web Version. The availability of JOOX is only in Indonesia, Malaysia, Hongkong, and China. That’s all about JOOX, the complete and legal music streaming apps.