This is my country’s ideology called Pancasila

Garuda Bird with symbols of each principle of Pancasila and the slogan “Unity in Diversity” below of the symbols.

So in case you want to build a luxury house, the very first thing you must prepare is a land with determined fixed size. Same as Indonesia, The Founding Fathers of the country wanted to build a country on a “land” that will guide the folks through the nation’s life.

That “land” is called Pancasila. It is the ideology, the guide, and the view of life of Indonesian people. It will guide the nation to achieve the goal, that is, to protect the whole nation and all areas of Indonesia and advance public welfare, educate nation’s life, and join to perform world’s orderliness that are based on independence, eternal peace, and social justice.

Pancasila is a set of 5 principles that every folks in Indonesia, either government or citizen, must do in daily life.

The process of finalization of Pancasila took a 3-month long. The first set of principles were offered by Soekarno, country’s first President on June 1st, 1945, which is now the day to commemorate the born day of Pancasila. Soekarno’s first set of principles are: Nationalism, Internationalism, Democracy, Social Welfare, and Cultured Godliness.

The process then continues on June 22th, 1945 which Soekarno’s set was changed to be perfected. On August 18, 1945, the final set of Pancasila was rolled out with a little changed to the set approved on June 22th. So, the finalization took 3 moments to be completely agreed.

The following are the final 5 principles of Pancasila.

The Supreme One Godliness

This principle indicates that every folk must believe in God, in Supreme One, according to each religion’s (Islam, Christianity, Catholic, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Confuciusnism are religions admitted by the country) Godliness concept.

Every person has freedom to worship the God and practice the moral value according to his/her religion. Tolerance must be highly carried in one’s life in order to create peace among folks with different beliefs.

Fair and Civilized Humanity

Humanity and internationalism are the keys to this principle. Every folk should respect human rights. My nation is responsible in making an effort to create harmony among other nations and put them in a good family.

To cultivate good deeds and eliminate bad deeds is the most important task of a human. To determine that one has a sense of humanity is by watching his/her deeds.

The Unity of Indonesia

Diversity in Indonesia is not a disaster and it must be that forever. My nation slogan is “Unity in Diversity”. My country is filled with people from different backgrounds, from different ethnics, religions, races, and skin colours. That’s a blessing or tidy-packed gift from the Supreme One.

What actually makes my country magnificent is diversity, like a rainbow. Plus, if tolerance among religious folks is highly carried, my country will be much more beautiful. Diversity will create a unity regardless the background of every person.

Democracy Led by Wisdom of Policy Under Representative

This principle emphasize that no one has the right to take other’s right. This is the spirit of democracy. Everyone has the right to deliver their opinion. Everyone is treated the same as others.

When the nation encounters a problem, every person has the right to use his/her wisdom to join into a discussion to achieve an agreement through representative institution.

Social Justice For All Indonesia’s Folks

Social justice is a problem for all nations, not only for Indonesia. In my nation, there are still poor people and the government is struggling to eliminate poverty and create welfare for all folks.

Poverty is our enemy. To create a stable and fair economy for all the folks in a country should be the main task of every nation.

So, these principles are what we, as Indonesian people, called as the base, the ideologi, and the view of life of our country. Fully struggling for these principles will make Indonesia a good country with good people inside, no discrimination in case of politics and economy, and the spirit of democracry.