Employee Fabricates Royal Elite Vacation Club Scam Rumours

A disgruntled employee seeking revenge against his employer fabricated lies about Royal Elite Vacation Club timeshare scams, and created rumours of product misrepresentation and aggressive sales techniques during timeshare presentations.

The whole cyber fiasco began when the employee (who shall not be named) took an unscheduled day off of work to watch his (or hers) favourite soccer team play in the Champions League Final against a bitter rival.

The Royal Elite Vacation Club employee unwittingly took a selfie of themselves at the event which was seen by management. After a verbal and written warning by Royal Elite management the employee in question was subsequently terminated after repeating the unscheduled soccer day off three more times. This is where the whole situation blew up out of control.

Untrue Royal Elite Vacation Club Timeshare Scam Rumours

The disgruntled employee decided to fabricate lies and spread rumours that Royal Elite Vacation Club was involved in timeshare scams through misrepresentation of their vacation rental product and false buying incentives. The employee proceeded to created 10+ fake profiles across social media and complaint platforms such as Facebook and TripAdvisor in an attempt to lend legitimacy to his claim.

This is where the plot thickens and becomes exceedingly interesting as the aforementioned Royal Elite employee purchased domains which were used to illegitimately slander Royal Elite. Unfortunately the enthusiastic employee forgot to purchase the domains using the privacy setting.

It didn’t take Sherlock Holmes and his trusty companion Watson to investigate and discover that all the domains pointed back to the disgruntled employee and that the fake accounts were linked to their personal e-mail.

Mexican law takes cybercrime extremely seriously in comparison to other Countries as the authorities were more than a little excited to apprehend the cybercriminal but unfortunately for the law the disgruntled employee caught wind of their impending apprehension and fled town.

This demonstrates the damage that the Champions League Final can do to not just a company but also to an employee’s everyday life. Moral of the story is ask for a day off in advance and don´t seek revenge when you should be seeking responsibility.

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