Billy Jones
I'm just a retired long-haul trucker who exchanged his rig for pen, paper, and keyboard. Read more at

Problems every elected leader in the American south will soon be facing, have no idea they exist, and no clue as to how to solve them.

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Two eagles fly the world in search for of answers men never bother to question.

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Why? Because I plan to drive this old truck and my motorcycle for the rest of my life. Besides, retirees need to keep themselves busy.

I guess some things just aren’t supposed to make sense even on a profit and loss statement.

Sometimes you just get so high you never want to come back down.

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Buster Bree

Buster Bree, he climbed a tree,
climbed all way to the top,
then he climbed on higher,
as if he’d never stop.

The Daze of my Youth return to me in the most unusual ways and at the strangest times. And no, this is not a story about Venetian blinds.

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He never sent me to drug test again.

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Buried under mounds of imaginary coins, Banker found the secret to solving the planet’s woes. All he had to do was convert all the money in his bank to crypto, and the world would have no more worries.

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Billy Jones

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