Trip Toe Through The Two Lips

Photo by Khashayar Kouchpeydeh on Unsplash

It has been many years since I suffered a case of trip toe but lately I seem to find myself covered in cuts and bruises I simply can’t explain. Plus a few I can explain like when just a few days ago, while helping my 92 year old uncle set a 16' post in the ground as part of an addition to his tractor shed.

While getting the post ready for cement we nailed boards to it to use as temporary braces while waiting for the concrete to set up firm. After nailing a board to the post I turned around, laid my hammer down, turned back around, and banged my head on the very board I had just nailed up. “Oh wackemall!” I shouted.

Go ahead and laugh — I did. I now have a cut and a huge bruise on my forehead but I’ll be find in just a few days, and I certainly wasn’t hurt enough to stop me from working to pull the engine from my old motorcycle today. Sadly I forgot to drain the oil before I removed the clutch cover.

They say bad things come in threes, but in my case it is more like 300.

I drop things all the time, forget what I’m doing, then go do something else. I guess it is just a part of getting older, but it really wears on me, and my patience.

As I worked on my bike I carefully removed every part, screwed all the nuts and bolts back together, removed the parts necessary to do an engine swap, and placed them all in a heavy duty plastic storage box I found while walking this morning. The box, much like this quantum storage box sold by Northern Tool (not an affiliate link) was in perfect condition, and laying in the street. I guess someone else had a trip toe moment as well.

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