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Welcome to the Wackemall Dictionary of the Strange and Unusual Words and Phrases used by Billy Jones.

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Edited by Wackemall.com CEO (Chief Erratic Officer) Billy Jones AIC, and updated as more words are added. Each word is or will be linked to where I first used it here on Medium.

Algo is the pet name I have given to the Medium Algorithm. He’s such a sweet Algo.
Asshole In Charge is the primary person responsible for all you see, the head AIC. That person may, or may not be the CEO. (See below.)

Beggars toe
is the result of living on the streets for months or years without adequate bathing and health care. Often called Athletes Foot, it most often occurs in people who are not athletes. Beggars toe can be cured with regular washing of feet and toes along with the application of anti-fungal creams.

Boosters See Cheerleaders below.

Cheerleaders are those people who promote anything new as the next big thing without ever stopping to consider the down side.
Chic is someone that’s chic, a fashionable or stylish person, usually female.
Chief Erratic Officer (CEO) is someone who is in charge, but shouldn’t be in charge due to erratic and irrational business decisions.
Click Farm See mutual appreciation society below.
Cryptospammers are the thieves who create free accounts only to leave spam comments to their cryptocurrency websites. They often employ Boosters and Cheerleaders (See above.) and use robots to do their dirty work.


“Entrepreneurs” are persons who found businesses using other people’s money, manage the business until at which time it goes public, or is sold-off to larger corporations, or stockholders who screw the business up while the Entrepreneurs party on their private islands.


Gurus are those people who claim to know the secrets that do not exist.

Highlight spammers
, like content spammers, are those who highlight words and phrases solely for the purpose of putting links back to their own webpages.

iBeggars are writers of poetry, stories, and articles who post their content online and beg for monetary support vie Ko-Fi and other such websites. Example: It’s so sad that Billy has become an iBeggar, we had hoped for so much more.



Letter People is a termed lovingly used by a confused old man unable to keep up with changes (namely me) to describe the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, intersex, and asexual or allied, and is by no means meant to be disparaging or demeaning.
Lowest Common Denominator Production
is the act of creating products and services that barely do the job the way they were originally intended to do.

Mutual Appreciation Society is much like a mutual admiration society, but lower on the totem poll of those who promote each other under pretense, and without authenticity. While it is possible for a mutual appreciation society to grow in numbers, its quality and value will never appreciate.

More to come…

Serniea is that which never was, a place that never existed, a word which never before existed, and never will.

Trip toe is the result of tripping and breaking one’s toe while on LSD or other mind altering drugs. While common place throughout the 1960s, ’70s, and ’80s the LSD has mostly been replaced by…. How the hell would I know?


Veggie Head Stalker is an old friend I once traveled the world with.

is short for whack them all, can be a noun, verb, or exclamation to take the place of F*^k. It’s most common usages are found at Wackemall.com.




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