Billy Jones

Doing exactly what it takes to get the job done sometimes requires brains and brawn.

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Earnest came inside after milking the cows and feeding all the livestock to see Mable putting breakfast on the table. “I thought you was liberated now,” he said, “Why are you putting on such a big spread on a weekday?”

“I didn’t cook it…

Are you hungry for more of Veggie Head Stalker’s amazing and strange adventures? Well shut up and eat what’s in front of you.

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Having trouble finding the There it was.

Life was good.Veggie Head Stalker had been crowned a hero and they were saying pretty good things about me as well. There was talk of movie contracts, book deals, television appearances and even the possibility…

So tell me, was it good for you. Did you fake it? Or should I not ask?

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Black Friday Lament

Coppers and shoppers take over the mall
intent on buying, and buying it all.
They come as black masses ready to kill,
to spend all their earnings to get those “great deals”.

Billions, and billions, and billions they’ll spend
on presents for Christmas — will it never end? …

Sometimes you just have to be willing to step out of the cage…

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Before Covid there was a time when my uncle and I sold small furry pets at a local flea market Often I would take a rabbit or guinea pig for a “walk” while at the market each weekend as a way to drive more business to our location where we…

A lesson in fumbling through things you ought not fumble in, yet another story from the Daze of My Youth.

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My Daddy was notorious for shaking packages to see if he could figure out what was in them. And if he saw a package with his name on it he would sneak around and open it early.

So one year Momma decided there would only be numbers on packages and…

Well Turkey Day is finally here and you’re all welcome to second helpings of Big Bird.

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I once got a whipping for saying, “Good bread, good meat, good God, let’s eat,” when it was time to bless the table. Had my mother known my uncle taught it to me she might have whipped him too.

I think of that every time the family gathers for a…

Billy Jones

I'm just a retired long-haul trucker who exchanged his rig for pen, paper, and keyboard. Read more at

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