Dear NFL and Jacksonville Jaguars,

Thank you. Thank you for finally giving back the Sundays I have long-yearned to have back. I no longer must sit idly by, eating potato chips and guzzling Bud Light while watching loss after loss.

I am free, and it’s been a long time coming. I was forced — FOR YEARS — to watch your games on TV and attend your games at home. But now, because of your kneeling and locking arms during the National Anthem, I’m done!

You millionaire players and your billionaire owners have gone one step too far. I can deal with players fighting dogs, driving drunk, beating women and children, committing murder, and using PED’s. That’s America, damn it. But I can’t, in good conscience, watch grown men attempt to bring attention to racial inequities and social justice on Sundays when I should be at church or doing yard work. America isn’t about that. It’s about obediently observing tradition. Protest has no place in this nation and never has! Enough is enough.

So, from here on out, I’m burning every one of the jerseys and tickets you’ve already gotten paid for, to prove the point that you won’t get any money from this red-blooded American patriot! And just so you know I’m not bluffing, I’ll post a video of my doing it! (Trust me, I’ll totally not use electronic tickets already in my possession for future games.)

I hope you’re happy, Shad Khan. You and your SJW, snowflake players are ruining America one football game at a time! How dare you make me watch players kneel on TV during the Star-Spangled Banner, as I sit on my couch picking lint from my belly button and belching.

Good riddance.


A former fan