BillyKnows Erotica 4:20am, July 14, 2017

CandyPants 84" x 45" mixed media on board


CandyPants 84"x 45" mixed media on board is part 2 of my “Love/Art/Erotica/#Strongart” book I’m creating for Big Kanuna Books in Dallas Texas (CrazyLand)!

I say “part 2” because it’s the only thing I have in common with Pablo P! (I can hear Shana Dambrot saying “Who do you think you are!?”

The only thing we (me and Pablo) have in common is our addiction for the love/adoration of young (younger than us)girls. We both automatically paint their portrait when we meet them and when its time to get away from them.

I adore young black girls who dance for a living. From strippers to professional tap, ballet, to Olympian gymnasts. My love of black female sweat-heads comes from my lizard-art-brain for their power, line, grace, chocolate color, and passion!

The living CandyPants, and all the girls that went before/after her, will be haunting this whole coffe-table-at book! Click on dalink above and u will red more about my ancient/living lust 4 CandyPants!