American-target 18"x 24" mixed media on used gun target!


This piece of work got me officially registered with Jihad!

Back in 95 this #grafittiPoliticalPoster of political-protest-#Strongart went viral on the Internet at the start of “Viralization”! Starting in Europe, most of the “hate-mail” was in French, Farsi(sp?) and other languages from countries where the well-to-do Middle-Eastern citizens had begun migrating towards!

If you look deeply into the #Strongart you will read/see that the art screams about women abuse world wide! (Her eyes are blue!)

Way too long ago, Robert Marley sadly sang “No woman, No cry!”

For way too long, women and children have suffered “way too long”.

Political-sexual-rules/laws are rampant world wide, and yet American females in 2016 voted for Bozo and da-D-bag-Repubs who hate women, and have since the US began!

This work “#bitch-slaps” all who abuse, and all who allow abuse!

#stop-it-America , just stop it!