BKErotica, 4:20am, July 18, 2017

LongBeach Sex 36"x 24" Mixed media on cardboard

There is lots of sexual activity going on in Long Beach California!

It has all the right combustable elements! Perfect weather, clean beaches, sex clubs, scattered underground arts community and a Huge/Strong LBGT citizenry!

Mabey it’s the Aquairum!?!

With all the free food and sex, the perfect Aqua-wildlife-styled fishes might b, boosting our human-hormones?

Just walking the streets of da LB, you can feel Snoop anda Pound doing nasty things 2 dahos in town! (Notice how I dropped intomy-Ghetto-Rap?)

T-Girls sweat-sashey’ing with dock workers of San Pedro!? Could also be da-sway ofda long legged black girls hitting up some Rosco’s Chicken and Waffles!

Ya can feel daheat in Long Beach!

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