Are you a speedoholic too?

Technology, no doubt, can do amazing things. Google Maps can tell me when my next bus will arrive so I don’t have to brave the -10C weather. It’s like magic.

However, there is ONE important side effect that I have not noticed until now. Most technologists crave speed. Faster processors, faster disk drives, faster networks, faster everything. Bottlenecks are our common enemy. YES. They are evil. I can relate to it because I spent a good amount of time in my career fixing performance problems for financial systems.

No one likes to wait for the computer to respond. No one.

Unfortunately, this craving for speed (in technology) has quietly bled into other aspects of our living. People learn to speed read to gain more knowledge faster. People speed walk regularly (yes, I can also feel it in Hong Kong’s subway stations.) And the most crazy thing is: we don’t realize it until our body cannot cope with the demands of our speedoholic minds.

I watched this Carl Honore’s talk from 2005 ( 10 years later, it’s hard to believe that many of us (including myself) still get caught up in thinking “Slow is bad.” But no, there is such thing as “Good slow.”

You need to be patient in building a relationship; you need to have a clear mind in thinking strategically; and you need to be willing to spend time making mistakes in order to invent something useful.

So, please don’t let us, technologists, news or media slloowwlllyyy turn you into a speedoholic.

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