Leaking My Memos; February 20,2017


We spent the last couple of days with Jessica on campus and in a few restaurants. Watching her excel in an environment of higher education and social convention makes me incredibly happy. At her age I was too stupid, stubborn and out of touch with reality to even attempt such a worthy endeavor. I’m so fortunate to play even a small role in her ongoing pursuit of optimal growth and development. Anyway its been a great experience even though my energy levels are super low.

I've tried to enjoy our meals, but I still can’t eat all that much and when I try to I immediately get bloated. I have an appointment with the stomach doctor this afternoon, but I doubt that we’ll get home in time, besides time with Jessica is more important. We’ll most likely get to the nursing home around 6pm to spend some with Gail. While I’m still extremely worried about my burning, bloating and exhausted body, there was a great sign of hope this morning. I woke up with a wonderful erection, which I believe to be the official barometer of the male body, so maybe the corner has been turned. Working out is still a fantasy at this point, I get too dizzy just walking.

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