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If the premise of this article is that we should have faith in the future because the millennials have all the “right” answers, forgive me if I pass out from laughing uncontrollably. Why should we take as gospel that just because the youngins believe something, that it must be better and wiser than what older people think. Isn’t there something to be said for life experience? Why is caution written off as “nationalism, xenophobia, and bigotry?” And don’t get me started on the WaPo reporter with his “We’ve grown up believing in a future that transcends national borders because we experience that world in our work, interests and social lives online.” If he believes national borders don’t matter, then have him take his laptop to Beijing or Tehran and see how transcendent the internet is when you cross over a border that doesn’t have the culture and tradition of free speech and democracy. To paraphrase a show that’s very popular in these parts, the world is dark and full of terrors. And sometimes it takes grown ups to realize that and act accordingly. But I was born before 1981, so what do I know.

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