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Hello, all. My name is Billy Owens, and this is my blog. I’ve never done a blog before, but I write essays all the time for school, as well as tweet a lot for expression and getting my thoughts out in my free time. I figured I’d combine both and start writing extended articles about things pertinent to my life (and hopefully others’ lives as well). Sometimes I’ll vent, sometimes I’ll analyze, sometimes I’ll reflect, and sometimes I’ll just make really bad puns. So why should you want to read anything I write? Hopefully this essay will convince you to do so.

Let me start with my background. I’m 19 years old and going to be entering my second year at Towson University in Towson, Maryland, where I am majoring in Mass Communication under the Journalism track. I live in my hometown of Germantown, Maryland (about an hour away) when I’m not at school. I’m a second-year member of the Towson University Marching Band, continuing as a member of the Cymbal Line. I’m also a part of Towson’s tennis club, and may expand my on-campus involvement by joining a student publication such as The Towerlight (campus newspaper) or Grub Street (literary magazine).

My personal interests are tennis, music, cars, and video games. I’ve played tennis since I was 13, and was on my high school’s varsity boys’ tennis team all four years of high school. I also love watching professional tennis, reading about tennis, and following pros on social media. I’ve played a diverse amount of musical instruments, mainly violin (which I played from age 8 until 13), guitar (which I taught myself how to play around 12 years old), and various percussion instruments (which I’ve learned as part of my high school’s marching band, jazz ensemble, and percussion ensemble). I’ve loved cars all my life, pretty much to the point of obsession, starting with Hot Wheels cars when I was a child and continuing with my love of the television show Top Gear. Similarly, I’m also a huge fan of racing and driving games in general, but I’m also a huge fan of the Fallout role-playing game series as well as first-person shooters like Team Fortress 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Those four general interests are some of the topics you can expect me to write about, but I’m also planning to write about general life issues. I want to offer my perspective on various things relevant to common people, using my own life experiences. I’m not going to claim to be an expert on anything I write about because I’m not; I will, however, use my prior knowledge with certain things to the best of my ability in my articles. Who knows, I might dabble in some literature and post a short story or poem that I’ve written. The purpose of this blog is for me to get my writing out to the public, you all, and to become a more well-rounded and skilled writer in general.

As I have said before, I’m not an experienced blogger, so I’m going to be feeling my way around as I do this. I’m more experienced in writing by itself. I’ve written dozens of essays for my IB (International Baccalaureate) English classes in junior and senior years of high school, as well as for my various college classes I’ve taken so far. I’ve received several accolades about my writing on these essays; grade-wise, the majority of the essays I’ve written have gotten at least A’s or higher. Additionally, I graduated from high school with a 3.61 cumulative GPA and currently maintain a 3.936 cumulative GPA at Towson (as of June 2015).

Self-advertising aside, I really do think I can provide quality writing with my blog. It’s going to be new to me, yes, but I’ll try my best to ensure that you, the reader, won’t feel as if spending some of your day to read my work is a waste of time. Most importantly, I’ll try to be original, enlightening, clever, and entertaining in whatever I publish here. I’m not sure of a writing and publishing schedule at the moment, or if I’ll even have one and instead just be freelance (which I’m leaning towards), but rest assured that I’ll try to have as much new content as I can over the course of this blog.

So you might still be asking, “well, why should I read your writing?”. Given that you’ve most likely just read everything before this, I’d say you can answer that yourself.

— Billy Owens

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