Paris, Monday June 26, 1874. The court of Assises of the Seine.

A young man and a young woman arrive to sit on the dark “bench of infamy” before President Louis Claude Douët d’Arcq and the dark suited men of the court. A grey coated town guard stands between the pair who were once inseparable, each with dubious motivations for love.

The young couple are pleasing on the eye and look quite out of place in court. Achille Lemot, a handsome 28 year old of medium build is dressed in a brown overcoat and has long black hair which is…

Zelfportret met bril en sik (Self portrait with glasses and goatee). Samuel Jessurun de Mesquita. 1930.

Early February 1944.
Watergraafsmeer near Amsterdam. Nazi occupied Holland.

Today Escher has travelled 30 kilometres from his home in Baarn to to see the De Mesquita family of Samuel his old art teacher, his wife Elizabeth and their son Jaap at their home on Linnaeuskade 24 in Watergraafsmeer.

It’s hard for Escher to easily blend with the other dark figures as he walks these streets. Tall and lanky thin with a hawkish beak of a nose, he could easily be taken for a Jew but his papers will say otherwise. His side parted hair is high and wavy. His long angular face is made longer and bird-like by the…

Billy Plummer

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