Mission Focused

This is a slice from a book I’ve written in the few shorts years after I transitioned out of the Marine Corps. I went from active duty to leading a small team of software developers and engineers. It’s this experience and education that I would like to pass along to others transitioning. Thanks for clicking the heart to show your support! ~Billy

There is always a mission to accomplish. You’ve learned to juggle multiple missions at the same time. There is a mission to increase the physical fitness abilities of your peers and subordinates. There is a mission to develop the mental focus through Professional Military Education. There is a direct mission to accomplish the assigned task for the day. There will be another mission tomorrow. All of these missions have requirements and must be supported by your unit. You understand your role in each of these missions.

The world needs your focus on the important missions.

Many companies these days are contributing to making the world a better place. They do this through many different avenues. Much like you knew and experienced the juggling of multiple missions while serving.

Win the hearts and minds of the local populace and destroy the will of the enemy to fight while protecting the members of your unit.

Mission Focused is an ability to know that these are not exclusive to each other. You realize that your unit can achieve all of these aspects. They don’t have to be achieved in unison or in a particular order each day. Different details of each mission support components of other missions.

This is the balancing of your focus that you’ve developed through years of service. The companies of the world need the people who can balance the inherently competitive missions that exists within.

Serve the customer, add features and create stability while innovating and pushing the boundary of the status quo while challenging the team.

All of these aspects are within the realm of day to day operations. Serving the customer, the end user who has a financial impact on the company. The new features are what separates one company or technology from another. This is critical in a space that is very competitive with the ability for others to encroach very easily. Create reliability and stability in the system. Who likes using a system that crashes all the time? And if you company isn’t coming up with anything new, then why would anyone use your technology? Arguably, the most important, is challenging the team. If the work is tedious, then there isn’t any intellectual stimulation. No stimulation, then why would the team stick around…?

This is where you bring value to the company. Your ability to realize and convey the alignment of all of these missions into the day to day environment of the workplace. None of these missions alone will enable the success of the company. Rather, the unified effort towards all of them throughout the day will accomplish the mission.