Billy Raymond Thomas- A Man with a Difference

Your own home, your abode is one place which is your comfort zone. You surely want it to be the best. Also you want to be assured of the money spent and justice done to it.

If in Gold Coast, Australia then nothing could be better than getting your house built under the architectural guidance of Billy Thomas. He is a man beyond limits, a man who excels in his working.

Since childhood Billy had immense love for it. Even as a small child he use to admire huge buildings and their construction. Architectural designing was ingrained in him. He even completed his course way before the usual time taken to complete that. Focused as he was, he could manage to launch his own company at a very young age and named it “Resolve Construction”. His resolve construction not only resolves constructional issues but also builds amazing residential and commercial buildings.

As one of the Gold Coast’s specialist boutique home builders and home renovators, they are the ideal choice for:

People who are building their new home, in the hope of building their “forever home.” should contact Billy Raymond Thomas

Property Investors

House, unit and commercial property developers

Homeowners seeking to renovate their home, and

People looking to renovate a home for profit

Even if you are bored with your old construction or are looking for a change, then Billy surely has a plan for you. He would himself work on the project and give suggestions accordingly. Billy Raymond Thomas is of the opinion that a house is one of the most important things for a person and close to the heart, so the owner’s view-point and his comfort are of paramount importance. He ensures to inculcate the client’s ideas into the project.

The Hard- working and diligent team works on

Duplexes — If you’re looking to save money, a duplex could be the answer. The highly experienced Resolve Construction team has the expert knowledge, experience and track record you need to do the best.

Townhouses — looking for a luxury built and then Resolve Construction townhouse structures may be perfect for you. As expert townhouse builders, the Resolve Construction team has extensive experience in engineering, concept design, planning and quality construction.

Knockdown and Rebuilds — you love where you live, but not your home? If so, a knockdown and rebuild is the perfect solution. Resolve Construction is Gold Coast’s knockdown and rebuild specialists. Regardless of whether your block is narrow, sloped, or even above or below the road, our skilled team will create a custom knockdown and rebuild design which fits your budget.

Get professionalism and perfectionism is your building with the amazing working of Billy Thomas. He keeps himself updated with the latest technologies and ideas to give his client the best.

For the most wonderful construction and for a pocket friendly budget in construction, you can easily bank on Resolve Construction, a name which is synonymous with style, class and unique working.