He’s Trying to Lose
Dave Pell

Have you, or your dad, ever consider Trump is on the HRC payroll? He wants not only to lose but, wants to get HRC elected!

Trumps greatest gaffes, blunders, occur when HRC is under the greatest scrutiny because of FBI/Benghazi/etc. I find the timing telling!

Seems to me HRC and Trump are tag teaming the electorate for one goal, to get HRC in the WH.

If the election is predetermined , why waste the time and billions with the charade? One might ask? Well, I think there are much bigger local and regional issues at stake in these general elections. By diverting the focus of the electorate, this diversion being facilitated by the MSM who are controlled by 1%, away from critical local issues such as Congress, School Board elections, mayoral elections, Sheriff etc. they get to control everything! They are like “look over here, look over here at the this, don’t look over there, look here”.

They not only know who will be in the WH many years before election, but, they also creat a huge diversion to keep the masses ignorant of the elections where they could have impact.

We are getting played.

Just a thought.

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