But LeBron lost heroically in the Finals again, so at least there’s that.
Brandon Anderson

Averaging a 32-point triple-double and 64% true shooting (and 60.8% eFG, both higher percentages than MJ ever had in a finals) against one of the great, if not the greatest, teams the game has ever seen is indeed heroic and historic.

Yet somehow, in your estimation, this is still a black mark on his career. And you say he’s losing, as if the Cavs are losing because of him and not in spite of him.

Is it his fault Tristan Thompson is rebounding like he’s Al Horford or that the rest of the bench is no-showing like my dad at my ballet recitals? Of course not.

Is it his fault the Cavs are shooting 30% from three? Nope. In fact, he’s shooting 39% on six shots a game and setting them up for some damn good looks. His teammates are just laying bricks like Montresor.

All of this applies especially for game three dude. Your comment makes me think you didn’t even watch the game. Lebron balled the fuck out. He played 45 minutes and was plus-7. Yes, he drove left with 50 seconds left into both KD and Draymond, but he passed to Korver for a corner three off a pin down. You pass to Korver there 100% of the time. Over last season+playoffs and this season+playoffs, Korver is shooting 48.5% on corner threes.

Then Lebron guarded KD fine on the following three. He couldn’t foul him and he couldn’t let him drive either, yet he still got a hand in KD’s face. A great player just made a great shot. It certainly helped that KD had played five fewer minutes than Lebron. Then Kyrie went and dribbled the Cavs out of a two-for-one.

You can criticize certain things about his games this series (and somehow gloss over his monster numbers for the playoffs overall), but to paint him with a broad brush and imply that the blame for these losses is his and his alone isn’t analysis. It’s something else: It’s something that you only see in comment sections and during Fox Sports 1’s daytime programming. It’s being a hater. Plain and simple.

This isn’t analysis. It’s animus.

I know you fancy yourself as some sort of “basketball nerd” or hoops historian, but espousing opinions that fly in the face of both statistics and history suggests otherwise. C’mon man.

Even Ricky Bobby discovered the idiocy of “if you’re not first you’re last” by the end.

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