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The Passion of the Trump

I did two unusual things last night: I went to the gym… and I watched Hannity. I know, I know. Let me explain.

The TV directly in front of my chosen torture device, a stationary bike, happened to be tuned to Fox. I tried to ignore it, but Geraldo Rivera’s mustache wouldn’t let me. True story. Those bristly, mesmerizing wanna-be handlebars lowered my defenses. It all happened so fast, and the next thing I knew I had been sucked into the Closed Caption dialogue.

I couldn’t believe what I was reading, but it fell right in line with the mystifying Trumpian culture of willful ignorance that continues to juggernaut it’s way through every poll and prediction set in it’s path. At 100 days, Trump carried a 96% approval rating among his supporters, while he holds a record-low 38% national approval rating, according to Gallup. He may be the least popular president in modern history, but he seems to have the most loyal supporters.

Fun Fact: Geraldo’s mustache is older than his wife.

The segment I had haphazardly fallen victim to was called “Fake News Roundup,” which demonstrates just how firmly rooted this network is within Trump’s vast and (probably) orange anal cavity. Sean Hannity introduced a montage of clips showing the “destroy Trump propaganda media” displaying obvious bias against Trump before he introduced a panel of “experts” to respond. The panel was Geraldo Rivera, Geraldo’s mustache, and Monica Crowley.

The painfully obvious goal of this segment was aimed at assigning any and all blame for Trump’s crude, childlike, and impotent presidency to the “liberal media”, the “Destroy Trump Media,” the “Destroy Trump Democrats,” the “Washington DC Swamp” (still not drained, apparently), which includes “these intelligence leaks,” the “Never-Trumpers,” and “weak Republicans.” These are quotes, people. They actually use these labels.

Why are we lefties being so unfairly biased? Because he represents a threat to these groups, our groups, apparently, and to the existing status quo of government bureaucracy, despite the fact that Trump himself has brought more corruption, scandal, and blunder into the White House than Nixon ever could. It’s so bad that even the Nixon Library is trying to distance themselves from Trump, tweeting #notNixonian after former FBI Director James Comey was fired last week.

But, no. These indictments are merely the calculated, subversive fabrications of the mainstream media and the ruling class. Trump, in their beady little eyes at least, is blameless. Innocent. The hapless victim of a cruel and hostile deep state. (Yeah, Crowley went there.) Though they admitted he’s made some mistakes, it was casually brushed off as mere issues of timing and poor communication. Geraldo even jokingly volunteered to help Trump out by assuming the role as his official Twitter editor.

As if communication issues are all we’re worried about out here in the “ruling class” of elitist Americans. Sorry, I’m looking around and not seeing elitism. I’m seeing people who are defending their basic human rights, freedoms, standards, and values. You know, people in these groups. Combined, they represent the majority of Americans. Meanwhile, Hannity’s panel of experts is blaming the media for being out of touch with this administration — unable to acknowledge that this administration is completely out of touch with America itself.

In fact, they were so determined to come to the defense of their spray-tanned, thin-skinned man-child-god that they tried to sell his woeful inexperience as a virtue, a strength even, that was being undeservedly attacked by hostile forces. That’s right, the Teflon Don is a modern day Jesus Christ, with everyone outside of his circle of believers spitting on him and beating him mercilessly as he hauls his cross, this heavy burden to Make America Great Again, up to Golgatha for his impending crucifixion.

This is how they see him. This is why there is a deep-seated cognitive dissonance. This is why they can excuse Trump of actions and statements that they would have vilified Obama for had he committed them. (No, seriously, click this link — it’s gold.) This is why they will never pivot and revolt if he actually did shoot someone on 5th Avenue. They’d justify it. Whitewash it. Make him out to be a hero. Defend him no matter what, because doing otherwise would mean admitting that they are wrong, or worse — that everyone else is right.

The sad thing is that these loyal disciples will continue to defend him and cry foul long after he has been publicly disgraced and impeached. I’d love to tune in to see Hannity right after that happens. Or will the entire Fox News network implode? (Fingers crossed.)

Is there a way out of this destructive partisan mess? I’m not sure. My guess is that an impeachment will only further encourage right-wing conspiracy theories and cause even deeper divides across the political landscape. Our once world-renowned American democracy is now the laughing stock of countries that once looked to us as an example and modeled their own Constitution after ours.

But our political havoc shouldn’t be a source of ridicule and entertainment. It should be seen as a red flag of what happens when we concentrate solely on downstream issues; swimming in the same pool while it grows more and more toxic. It’s time for us to swim upstream and see the real problems that we can collectively agree on and work towards resolving — preferably before we all drown in our own waste.

But Christ have we got some work to do if we can’t even agree with the scientific community on climate change and the future of our very existence.

So, hey, Sean Hannity, are you interested in solutions, or are you content with stirring the downstream sludge that brings in the ratings?

Better question: As Americans, are we willing to sit through an hour of upstream content, or are we incapable of digesting and discussing anything other than drama and strife? Afterall, they’re only selling what we’re buying. Maybe it’s up to us to flip the market.

Watch the “Fake News Roundup” segment from last night’s Hannity: