Deserving Of The Spotlight…

Spotlight by Promenade Cinéma

‘ Mirrors on a glass floor, this isn’t what you came for. 
You only came to dance. 
Dancing in the backlight, an incandescent midnight. 
The monochrome glamour of the disco. 
Just a photo. 
You only came to…’

Sheffield, England is one of those towns kids like me grew up hearing about endlessly. I’d imagine much like other notable cities to the south like Manchester, London or Liverpool, everyone in Sheffield was in a band and those bands would all somehow leave a stamp on my musical upbringing. Pulp, ABC, The Human League and now comes another band who quite proficiently is grabbing that baton with both hands and in full stride. I bring you Promenade Cinéma!

What do you get when you give Little Boots a truth serum in a darkly lit room and she starts belting tunes the way she had before her major label closeup? You get this lovely single Spotlight. Everything you could ask in a tidy pop song. The sense of foreboding, the passionate vocal, the twisting and turning melody and then…wait for it…the big chorus payoff! I was hooked from hello and it’s a pleasure to hear indie electronic pop where the band obviously takes great care to show they are not simply content with cutting and pasting blips, bleeps, bloops and blops ad nauseam and calling it a song. There will be none of that here and for that, we should all be grateful.

Keep an eye on this duo…

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