The Last Of The Famous International Playboys Returns…

Billy Suede
Sep 20, 2017 · 2 min read
Spent The Day In Bed By Morrissey

Spent the day in bed Very happy I did, yes I spent the day in bed As the workers stay enslaved I spent the day in bed I’m not my type, but I love my bed And I recommend that you Stop watching the news! Because the news contrives to frighten you To make you feel small and alone To make you feel that your mind isn’t your own

Oh happy day! Friends, it is indeed cause for celebration when we are once again given the esteemed privelege to hear the words and music from a great lyrical mind. Yes. Steven Patrick Morrissey is back with a new single and very soon, a new record! Spent The Day In Bed is the first salvo launched from the forthcoming new record entitled Low In High School due out on the 17th of November and to rest the fanboy shtick for second, I do have to say it’s one of Moz’s finer singles in recent years. It’s accessible, hummable, melodic and doesn’t get in its own way trying to be anything more than a simple pop tune. Lyrically, our hero once fires shots at those who find themselves satiated by simply meandering through life whilst all the despair people face is over there, out there. Very similar voice and vibe to The Lazy Sunbathers off of 1994’s Vauxhall and I. Simply put, if you thought Morrissey was beginning to lose some miles per hour on his fastball as he’s only months away from turning sixty then this single should calm your nerves a tad.

Now get to playing the song on repeat until the record is out or go stalk Moz on his new verified Twitter account at @officialmoz

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