When That Soft Moon Burns…

Burn by The Soft Moon

You remember that feeling you had when you first heard Happiness In Slavery by Nine Inch Nails? That sudden rush to throw your fists in every conceivable direction in an adrenaline-fueled rush of exhilaration? That’s how I felt when I first took a listen to the brand new single by the always consistently solid Luis Vasquez aka The Soft Moon. In the same vein, we used to look to Trent Reznor to be our spokesman for that unrelenting nihilistic anger we try to keep bottled up from time to time, Vasquez has taken that rage and for the last few years has actually done the near-impossible. He’s been able to channel and focus that energy into something more coherent, introspective and thoughtful without going completely pop.

Burn is the brand spanking new single taken from The Soft Moon’s forthcoming fourth record Criminal due out the second of February via Sacred Bones. If you’re in the Brooklyn area next Tuesday the 24th of October, you can hear the new material live at Rough Trade.