I am sorry. You died last night.
Pamela Day

Very well said. My sister wrote a similar ode to her brother who died in an auto accident along with Michael Music, his name was William Nathan Reed. It was printed in our local newspaper,the Post Intelligencer many years ago Their were four souls in the car that night. To show what can and did happen the car was hoisted above to a billboard so people could see the damage that happens to a car ,it’s occupants, just by hitting a steel light post. The car had been on that stand that held it up on the billboard for over forty years. They finally took it down a few years ago with progress. My sister wrote three more letters to her other brothers who died as well.Not able to grow old but all at a young age just starting in life. Patricia Anne Reed passed away recently . I miss her dearly. I wish I could write as well as you, but death touches us all. Billy T. Reed Jr.

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