Yes, you’re a racist… and a traitor.
John E. Price

Just as with the anti-gun folks, you blame inanimate objects as being hate filled or the reason for something is happening or has happened. While you and others may see the confederate flag as a flag filled with hate, others do not. Just because you see it one way does not preclude others from seeing it another way.

I was born and raised in the south and now live in the progressive mecca that is California. I am neither republican nor democrat but rather a conservative. I see the confederate flag and I am never struck by the idea of “wow, if I could only own slaves”. Instead I get a warm, welcoming feeling that southern hospitality is close by. Just as the Nazis bastardized the swastika from its religious and peaceful roots, the symbol itself still has multiple meanings and not all of them are born of hate.

Instead of assuming that the man or woman flying that flag is racist or anything else, why not stop and talk to them? Out of all these times you jogged passed this home did you stop once to talk to them?

…and how many times did you use the word hate in this piece?