So my mom wants to get a sense of your aura

My friend Michael had only been seeing this girl for a few weeks when she asked him if he’d be willing to meet her mother.

The young lady Michael has been dating is called Alex. Her parents live in Oaxaca and her mom was in town for the weekend. Mom was the one who requested the meeting.

Mom doesn’t speak much English, which, it turned out, didn’t matter for this meet and greet.

“She just wants to sit in a room with me for like five minutes and get a feel for my aura,” Michael told me over the phone on his way to meet up with Alex and her mom.
“So you’re just gonna sit there in silence for five minutes with her mom? That’s pretty intense, bro. I’d much rather have it be a meet-the-parents-over-dinner type of situation,” I said.
“What if after the five minutes is up, she just turns to Alex and shakes her head like, ‘Nah. Not this guy.’ How are you supposed to recover from that?” I continued.

We both laughed.

I told Michael he was being a good sport for agreeing to do something that had so much potential to end in awkwardness and wished him luck.

We said our goodbyes as he pulled up to Alex’s place. He told me he’d let me know how the meeting went after it was done.

Ten minutes later, I got a text from Michael.

“Aura game 🔥🔥🔥”