BANKEX Initial Smart Asset Offering (ISAO) and Open Source

The simple definition and understanding of the Initial Smart Asset Offering ( ISAO) is early Smart Asset propose with the main aim of tokenization financial assets in the outline shape of emanation and sale of Smart Assets Tokens for buyers. An ISAO only can be used in one-way assets presents, in other words is only for cash flow planning. This procedure makes RnD or technological startup cannot be done by ISAO.

Applicants for BANKEX ISAO

The applicants for an ISAO is come from the financial owner or manufacturing assets. The owner who called Originator does not need to tokenization technology but programmers form different groups coordination of the BANKEX Foundation are compete each other.

It will be better if the new comer Originator makes a new type of Smart Asset while the old Originators could makes an Initial Smart Asset Offering instead. However, in BANKEX Proof-of-Asset Protocol ecosystem type, there are some particular parts to purchase the Smart Asses Token. They are:

1. buyers originating from the market;

2. banks and classical funds via the BANKEX CF Depository and “Co-Fund” systems;

3. Members of the product community are interested in development of assets of this particular type.

Thus, in order to create a place to promote the technologies in banking and financial sectors, the BANKEX Foundation also build a platform with open source code collaborative work system. The Open Source can support the software development for better stability financial insurance to the global cooperation. This system also will support numerous and various businessperson leader and entrepreneur in larger financial, banking, and Internet controlled system.


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