A Focus on Sculpture

Bils & Rye started out life in John Bunting’s old studio space just over five years ago. Bunting had trained with Henry Moore and went on to teach Anthony Gormley at Ampleforth College. His sculptures are abundant through Yorkshire, often in pubs! This rich heritage helped to form the direction we took.

John Burting with one of his sculptures

Five years later and we certainly developed the offering, now representing several of Britain’s great sculptors of the 21st century. It has been a journey so rewarding and educational for us and the clients who have supported the decisions we took.

2018 is shaping up to be the best year yet for the sculpture offering with exhibitions, joint shows and gallery artists all supplying their best yet offerings.

Bronze has formed a large part of the works we display, from Simon Gudgeon, Paul Harvey, Jo Hatty, Nichola Theakston and Thomas Joynes. We will be adding to the mix through this year culminating in a joint show of Simon Gudgeon’s work with Stephen Page from November.

Lyrebird by Simon Gudgeon

Stone sculpture has been with us since we opened with the wonderful works by Michael Thacker and have recently been added to with Rose Eva’s wonderful figurative works. More stone is lined up for later this year too.

Erica by Rose Eva

Tom Hiscocks remains a gallery favourite with his steel, copper and mixed media sculptures that capture form and grace with clear Rodin influences with modern materials and cutting edge technologies. We are delighted to continue to represent and promote Tom to the public. Darrell Evanes also joined the metalwork team in 2017 with his

Drinking Horse in Copper by Tom Hiscocks

Ceramics will continue to be a part of what we do, with 2018 becoming the year we concentrate on more sculptural ceramics. Anne-Sophie Gilloen from France continues to be a gallery favourite with her wonderful quirky sculptures ably supported by Midori Takaki, Anna-Mercedes Wear, Valerie Price-West and Nichola Theakston.

Midori Takaki, Nichola Theakston, Anne-Sophie Gilloen and Anna-Mercedes Wear

There are heaps more plans for the year ahead and beyond and this will be the place to discover them first. Bear with us as we iron out the website issues, all of the photos have links to the working website and in the meantime http://www.onlineceramics.net is also still up and running with our old website whilst we move the resources over to the new site. As ever, feedback would be gratefully received!