It is the time to forsake the societal barriers for better healthcare industry:

A bird’s eye view of current conditions of healthcare industry in most of the developing countries gives a crucial state of affairs. Mostly there are no electronic solutions sought and if they are, then the staff’s inevitability to support and maintain the information management system have produced even worse outcomes. The result is highly fragmented health care network within large to small health care provider organizations.

The healthcare industry in developed areas have been transformed into a virtual world, from appointment to medical regular checkup, everything is assessable through electronic medical records. Cloudpital provides the cost-effective opportunity for the healthcare industry to break through the manual data processing norm and provides a number of facilities:

  • An e-clinic, an online clinic system.
  • Complete patient medical information of vitals and history in electronic health records.
  • Despite the expanding healthcare organization, an integrated and well-regulated hospital information management system.
  • Radiology solutions.
  • HR and payroll management.
  • Electronic record of rehabilitation centers.
  • Pharmaceuticals and physicians information.

The odious comparison of electronic medical records (EMR) and less developed healthcare industries, it generates a sense of discrimination among the society. This unattended difference perhaps leads to the cause of the problem as well, indeed the one of the very cause of the poor information management system of hospitals is rooted in society.

Society is the Culprit!

The lack of realization and awareness in stakeholders of healthcare industry leads to poor information management system and this incivility in turn is caused by a laundry list of poor educational background and anti-training culture. All this entails the final view of highly erupted healthcare industry, where apart of regular issues, human life is kept at stake by not comprehending these vital issues in our society.

At a molecular level of this system, there are certain factors which have attributed to fragmented healthcare industry, as:

  • Avoidance of implementation of electronic medical records because of presupposed costs and maintenance.
  • Human lives are considered less costy than the cost of training of personnel, professionals, and all the workforce of the health care provider organizations for the IT management system.
  • Information management system demands small scaled IT department and staff, but it is considered disconnected from the implementation of information management system, due to which it ends up being operated by non-technical staff and subjects to error and loss.
  • This rigid inherited association with the manual storage and function of organizations have impeded the orientation of information management systems.

The healthcare industry needs to rectify it’s cultural and societal problems, it is the time of technology and without technology everything eventually will be left behind. In order to excel, healthcare industry needs to recognize the importance of EMR and better facilities. The large healthcare provider organizations can manifest their humanitarian business through the information technology and ensure a successful cost-effective system. Cloudpital provides the least pricey solution in the form of electronic medical records, an effective hospital information management system.