2016 in review

In 2016 I started the brown bag leadership, Something I have never in my entire life thought I would be able to do. But I am glad I did. The friendship, the knowledge I have gained from it is truly special. I never had a group of people reply on me so much as they did and instill trust in me. so Thank you.

Also with Brown Bag, I had to say bye to Foothill Theatre…. I can’t thank all the people I have crossed paths with during my time in foothill. Im truly blessed to be who I am today because of this theatre program and the people I know in it. 80 percent of who I am today is because of this theatre program. I was never meant to be there and be apart of it. But life has a funny way of doing things. This year I had to say bye to my “birth” theatre.

Around mid 2016 I try to lose weight, I have seen an increase in my weight since my senior year in high school. So this was again my attempted at it. While going to the gym class and eating right everyday, I lost about 5 pounds and build little bit of muscle. Great success!!!

Only for it come back in summer!!!!! and add extra 10 pounds. :( :(

Around August My trading took hit and I think my cockiness got the best of me. I made enough profit each day to make it seem like it was easy.Then slowly but surely I started losing money. I didn’t know what I was doing. Well, I thought I knew what I was doing but when your losing money you worked hard for, everything seems wrong.Then my trading stopped! lossing 80% of my capital.

My mom and dad moved to a new house, leaving the apartment for my cousin sister who recently came to US with her husband. The move was really a moment of gratitude. When we came to USA in 2004, we had nothing, I mean NOTHING. We all slept on the floor because we didn’t have mattress. I dad worked for a Indian restaurant and the only time I would see him was on Sunday morning for 4 hours. Then he went to work for half day. That was our days starting here. so fast forward this year. We have a house!! Its just a special feeling to come from far away world and create a small world for yourself in a foreign land.

Then I started to work, at home depot. I worked at the flooring department picking up tiles and handling costumers request. The entire experience was just moments of me questioning, everything! I questioned my choices, my lifestyle, my morals, the people was hanging out with. I mean where did I go wrong?? I don’t want to explain costumers whats the difference between laminate and hardwood floor??!!! One is fake and the other isn’t !!! I was sick to my stomach wearing that apron and feeling like a fool. This wasn’t me, I wanted to be on stage and act!!! give people a SHOW!!! but here I was picking heavy boxes of tiles and screaming forklift. I left the job after few months.

During my time there(home depot), I was given a gift. Not by home depot, but by gods above. I was offered to audition for a role, where they had 2 shows in Houston!!!! I went in and audition, they liked it and hired me. YAY! And my way back I thought to myself, what is happening. I said to myself that in 2016 I wanted travel for my work and here it is! I get to go to Houston and preform. The whole experience was amazing, I can’t stress enough how much love and care I received by everyone at En arte. Im truly blessed to be apart of it. Along with the production I’m glad I got to hang out with few of my good friends and go to different places in Houston. I enjoyed it a lot. I will never forget, how this experience came to me and it will always stay with me, along with the lovely people I met.

There was so much more to 2016, some I can’t write about because I recovered from it and revisiting wouldn’t be nice.

There was so much I really wanted to do, like lose that 10 pound, which is now 15 pound, Trade profitably and so on and so on.

But I want to thank 2016 because I know I have a lot more to learn as an actor, trader and as a human being. This year I have lost few contacts, which I wanted to say sorry to because it wasn’t my intention. Along with contacts I have gained, I want to say thank you. To all the endings I have done this year good byes. To all my moments of WTF. Thank you.

I am not going to go back and read it and correct anything. It is what it is. Just like 2016.

YO 2017!!!!! we out!!!!

-Bimas Gharti Chhetry