The Thin Line between UI/UX.

Understanding the difference.

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So I started out as a front-end developer, creating visual designs with basic Web technologies (HTML5,CSS3 and Javascript) ever before I understood the concept of front-end development.

I’ve heard folks in my Programmer’s community, especially frontend developers call themselves UI/UX engineers..

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Trust me as a beginner with only six months of experience in the web design industry I was always confused with the term UI/UX…

Okay, So I googled… I saw the acronym UI/UX(user interface/user experience). Whew!!!… that poped more questions on my head. What the heck is UX?.

To my suprise I discovered the discipline of UI/UX or rather UX (user experience) isn’t just about coding or developing a beautiful website in a few hours or days.

Suprisingly, even UI(user interface) is just a subsection of the discipline called UX(user experience).

User interface is a compliment of User experience , UI is about the look and feel, the presentation and interactivity of a product. while UX is centered across DESIGN, RESEARCH and STRATEGY.

In simple terms, UI(user interface) designers are in charge of designing each screen or page with which a user interacts with . UI visually communicates the path that a UX designer has laid out.

hummm… for simplicity sake let me make this simpler for you

UX experts is concerned with

INTERACTION DESIGN— Focusing on how to create efficient and effective interaction between user and interfaces.
INFROMATION ARCHITECT — How information is organized behind the scenes and then presented to users.
USER RESEARCH — finding more about users and their usage of products
SCENARIOS — Using case study to predict user’s behaviour.

While UI(user Interface ) expert is down to Master the act of

Creating amazing and usable visual designs.
Typography — fonts,lettering and spacing.
Designing good layouts.
Good Graphical contents.
The good use of colors.

I consider myself a voracious reader, but Icouldnt consume a whole lot of materials, podcast and tutorial videos in a day, so I cant help you understand the full context of UI/UX in this writeup alone.

So you can be on the lookout for my next post here on medium…

Uhmmm… gracias.. Thank me later.