Edhi sab is one of the most kind hearted and influential personalities of the world. He started his acts of humanism for small age. His mother used to give him 2 paisas daily and he was instructed to give 1 paisa to needy or poor people so from the very beginning of his life he was taught the principle of #juststart no matter how small your act is you should act instead of waiting for a perfect moment. He was taught that he had to create that moment rather than waiting for it, so he did the same in his youth as he had a dream to make a national level ambulance system. He worked and saved money to buy an ambulance even though he couldn’t afford a new or proper ambulance yet he showed #juststart principle and bought an old blue van it wasn’t a proper ambulance but it served the purpose well. He started small but he was able to make the biggest ambulance network running country wide. I found the story of Edhi Sab really inspiring and I want to do something similar. In the start of my 2nd year of engineering me and my buddies were reached out by a mutual friend he was working for some non-profit institute and was asking for donation of rupees 100 per person we asked him what will he do with this small amount then he told us the same principle that Edhi sab had followed in his life he told us that we have to start no matter how small. Same principle was followed by the most successful persons like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg they just started from the scratch and made a great fortune. As I’m a student and had to pursue my dreams and make a career or start something. I found this principle really helpful because it can make decisions easier and we can jump into anything we are interested in and learn new things.

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