3 Reasons WHY the ‘Great Resignation’ is NOT Over!

Bina Patel, Ph.D.
3 min readDec 15, 2021


by Bina Patel, PhD

Unfortunately, the great resignation is not over. I believe we will see more employees looking to leave their jobs. Here are the reasons why:

#1: Pandemic. While this pandemic and its latest strains continue, unfortunately, for companies, remote working will be the only option. Going back to be work should be an afterthought! Ensuring there is flexibility with hours of operation is necessary. With individuals having to serve as caretakers, employer will have to be flexible. While remote work is an option, the pandemic has shown all employers the need to do away with core business operating hours. The 9am-5pm standard operating hours are not conducive for employees. When an employer does not maximize its flexible time policy, employees will begin to search for companies that offer flexible hours.

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#2: More “work for myself” opportunities are becoming available. As Amazon Fresh, InstaCart, Uber, and other companies begin to offer jobs that work around the schedules of many individuals, employees will leave their current semi-rigid standard office policies. Between office politics and office policies, and managers who micromanage and are controlling, employees do want to deal with all of this. There are many companies offering a key benefit for delivering food, buying groceries for people, etc. This benefit is flexibility without control and drama! As individuals who are trying to manage a work life balance from home, working for yourself even with a pay cut sounds way more appealing. Besides as long as the federal government continues offering stimulus checks for the unemployed, there is little motivation to go work for any employer.

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#3: Generational Change. As the millennials, Get Ys & Gen Zs enter the workforce, companies have to do away with rigid workforces and micro-managing tactics. Those days are gone! In fact, when a company offers flexible remote work, it does not guarantee that you will have a manager who is controlling and micromanaging. These individuals who have paid their time in school and are attempting to work their way up want a little more respect and trust from the baby boomers who continue to work with a traditional mindset. The new generation of individuals will not put up with the attitude that you are “guilty before innocent” so — give them a chance to earn your trust by letting them work their flexible hours. This all comes down to building a psychological safe space. And for individuals from these generations, the belief of having a safe space matters — a lot! They are more effective, efficient, and innovative.

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My best advise to all Baby boomers and Gen X ers— give your employees a chance to prove themselves. Their work will speak for itself. And if employers do not recognize that managers are misusing their power via micromanagement, your talent will LEAVE. Having a mindset and culture like Pinterest is vital for the success of any organization. Remember, employees are the wheels on your chariot. You can be a baby boomer and attempt to steer the car, but without the wheels, the cart will not move, meaning your mission will remain incomplete. Therefore, it is vital for employers to have a people first attitude and treat the new generations with value and care.

Bina Patel, PhD





Bina Patel, Ph.D.

Dr. Patel, CEO, Transformational Paradigms is a well known expert in peacekeeping analysis & conflict resolution in organizations and female suicide terrorism.