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Before the global covid-19 pandemic, there was a huge optimism that Indonesia’s manufacturing industry could thrive in the near future. This optimism was justified by a report that Indonesia will see an average growth rate of 6.31 percent between 2020 and 2024 under a good scenario. However, the coronavirus phenomenon is surely not a good scenario to begin with. So, what’s next?

Prior to coronavirus phenomenon

Based on 2018’s BPS report, Indonesia’s manufacturing sector employs 14.7% percent of the workforce. …

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Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash

COVID-19 is now spreading globally. As travel restriction occurs in several countries, many companies also urge their employees to work from home. One that stands out is Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey who publicly encouraged his employees to do so in order to help reducing the spread. The phenomenon indicates the rising trend of remote working.

Having employees work away from office develop an emerging demand for remote-oriented tools that are commonly used by remote companies. These companies typically have talents that are working from different areas in different time zone, hence communication and collaboration tools are essential. However, it’s difficult for a traditional company to significantly switch to a remote-work setup. …

“Talent in today’s highly competitive environment is clearly recognized as a business differentiator, and the winners will emerge with the right resources at the right time in an increasingly complex, digital business world” – Cindy Keaveney, CPO of Randstad Sourceright

The Concerns

Back in the days, many leaders of great companies around the world still saw talent acquisition as a transactional matter only. But within these past five years, they’re beginning to consider that talent strategy is definitely in line with business growth. Since the beginning of 2015, the global CEO’s concern over the availability of skills has risen. This thought might have arisen because of the rapid evolution of the digital world, including the mass development of technology. …

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Calvin Nixon, a product management student of Binar Academy, demonstrated his product at the Showcase.

Since opening the product management class back in 2017, we‘ve seen many great product managers come and go. They are all amazing and have brilliant ideas that lay as a foundation of innovative apps they develop. However, not all of them can deliver engaging pitch when demonstrating their apps. Some take too long only to introduce their team members, and the others use too many slides with incredibly small texts. According to Guy Kawasaki, a pitch should only have ten slides, lasts no more than twenty minutes, and contains no font smaller than thirty points.

To make matters simple, we’re gonna talk about how to powerfully present your product in a pitch, using the mix of story-telling and data. …

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Satrio Arbiyudho Cesiojakty (right), product management student of Binar Academy’s 6th batch.

The sun, round as a coin and accompanied by a blanket of thin clouds, shone brightly and overshadowed the billboard jungle of Yogyakarta, as a young lad named Satrio shared his story.

He is the last of the six siblings and unlike him, the rest of them were having their best time as public servants. Their success made his parents told him to follow his siblings’ path. However, he gently refused the dictation.

Satrio Arbiyudho Cesiojakty has been a rebel since graduated from high school. He had a dream to study computer science at Bina Nusantara University. But his parents forced him to go to a public university rather than a private one, threatening him that they wouldn’t pay for his tuition. …

After the 24-hours long, exhausting battle, only one team successfully seized the throne.

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Hack of Thrones’ judges are consisted of tech heavyweights: Alamanda Shantika (Founder and CEO of Binar Academy), Aswin T. Utomo and Herman Widjaja (Tokopedia’s VPs of Engineering), Jessica Jap (Tokopedia’s Head of Strategic Development), and Rahul Taparia (Tokopedia’s VP of Fintech Business).

Congratulations! HAK is officially named as the winner of Hack of Thrones — the hacking competition conducted by Binar Community and Tokopedia, in collaboration with Proud Media Group. Their app, KYCepat, beats 29 other participants by introducing a distributed peer-to-peer network that uses blockchain principles to solve KYC (Know Your Customer) problems that exist within the fintech industry.

The team members, Hakiem Noersadya, Ahmad, and Khalil Ambiya — HAK, you see? — offers innovative, concrete solution for fintech problems in style. Other than that, the originality of their idea and how the app gives direct, social impact, leads them to march undefeated as the first winner. They use complicated app architecture with different level of maturity. …

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Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Any business decision maker should be aware of digital transformation. All of them get it, why a company needs to be transformed digitally. It’s either to survive or to grow.

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Image from Usersnap

Although Luthfi is a Computer Science graduate from the reputable AMIKOM, initially he refused to pursue his career as an engineer. Months had passed since he graduated, but working in information technology industry was never his dream. He had other thing to love: photography.

“I see photography as my redemption. For me, a photograph is not merely a frozen memory trapped in a painting of light, it is a medium for a photographer to engage his/her soul,” Luthfi said.

Realized that his belly was getting noisier than ever, he chose to work as a freelance photographer. With his determination, slowly he could develop himself as an established photographer, creating a creative agency that focused on event photography. However, It’s no surprise that maintaining early-stage business is never an easy task, especially with limited sources available. …

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Image from Rui Baião

That evening after the isya prayer call echoing in the air, we were shocked by a short message from Mistra, our candidate for the second batch student.

“I am already at Lempuyangan Station. Where should I go now?”

In the middle of heavy rain’s noise as the backing sound of our phone call, he told us that he came all the way from Indramayu to Yogyakarta only for attending Binar Academy class. Moreover, he only brought Rp 300,000 for the rest of his journey.

Since he has no relatives in Yogyakarta, he asked us about the availability to stay overnight at our classroom. “I can also do the night duty, freely,” he said jokingly. If it wasn’t available, he would gladly to stay at the nearest mosque, “I could stay there and be a freelance takmir as well.” …

Do you currently have a job? If you do, be grateful.

According to Tradingeconomics, the unemployment rate in Indonesia decreased to 5.13% in 2018. It’s best to say that you are one of the lucky majority.

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However, do you think that you are in right place to work?

Think again, what is the first thing you usually do after you wake up in the morning?

When we asked our students, many of them answered variously, from making their beds, taking shower, to having breakfast. …


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