Paul Scolardi who has been trading stocks for 17 years and became a multi-millionaire from it. Paul who goes by superman or supertrades has a training program where he teaches others his methods. Superalerts Pro is Paul’s training program it includes weekly video lessons, realtime rmail/SMS trade alerts and other services. Paul Scolardi has gain a huge following from his large profits from making over $200k in just single trades. This has brought him a lot of attention from aspiring traders and highly experienced investors. 
In 2014 he verified $1,000,000 in trade profits and in 2015 he verified $900,000. These results are ofcourse not typical so take that also into consideration. He has over a 1,000 students from across the world.

Supertrades is a swing trader by preference he goes both ways long or short. He loves his momentum plays and tries to teach students how to read financial statements, technical analysis and follow the rules he has such as “don’t chase a trade after its been called”.

Superalerts Pro cost $247 per month you can purchase the monthly for $1,997.00 or you can get it via here for $1,397. Supertrades mainly trades NYSE and NASDAQ stocks unlike Timothy Sykes who mainly focuses focuses on over the counter stock( penny stocks/micro caps). Supertrades has also been featured on the huffington post ,forbes and many other financial outlets you can read the forbes article on him.

Supertrades hosts weekly webinars for students who have joined his superalerts pro. Supertrades does send out alerts to which trades he is about to enter however he has been heard saying he would like students to learn to find their own instead of following his they should be self sufficient. If you would like to learn more about Superalerts Pro in details go click here.