Timothy Sykes Review Penny Stock Legend Or Scammer?

Tim Sykes Has A Large Following Is This The Madness Of Crowds Falling For Another Con Or Are His Ratings Deserved?

Tim Sykes Who Is He?

Have you been like many others who have been watching Tim Sykes videos of him and his students making a lot of money from penny stocks?Having over 3000 subscribed to his alerts and video lessons they is undoubtedly a frenzy around his name. Timothy Sykes video lessons promise to teach you how to spot penny stocks that are being pumped in price and are due to crash where you make a profit shorting the stock( betting it to fall in price). Timothy Sykes also claims to teach you how to make quick profits riding along these inflated stocks by buying them and watching them go up in price and selling before it crashes.Timothy Sykes says he has been trading this method for over 14 years it made him a millionaire by 21 years old and made 2 others recently millionaires Tim Grittani And Michael Goode.

Penny Stock Crashes.

Timothy Sykes — What I liked?

I like the fact Tim Sykes video lessons teach you how to be a trader from the beginning to upwards to sophisticated trader. You’ll go from not knowing what going short is to being able to read stocks. His video lessons are simple then he builds up as you learn from learning what brokers to use to how much percentage he recommends you putting in a trade. I like the simplicity of his method using price action and the fact you don’t have to have 10's of thousands to start trading his method as his top student Tim Grittani started trading with $1,500 . He does a video like almost daily you’ll hear from him updating you with what’s going on in the markets. His lessons and alerts are cheap considering the fact that top university’s cost over $28,500 per year in America and over $15,000 in the U.K and the thing is your learning from teachers who don’t make that much money. So going to university to be a professional trader will cost you a arm and a leg then you have to be there for four years and then go to be a assistant at Goldman Sachs. I like the fact i could pay $99 a month from a multi millionaire and learn all of that within a couple of month’s.

Timothy Sykes — What I didn’t like?

What i didn’t like was that shorting(profiting when price drops) penny stocks can take a lot of looking around because not all brokers have penny stocks to short all the time. The solution to that was just going long (profiting when price raises) as they are always stocks for that on a daily but I wouldn’t recommend holding penny stocks for long as they can crash really fast this is why they like to short them. I personally in my opinion don’t like Tim Sykes Attitude towards people .

Timothy Sykes Review— Overall thoughts

My overall thoughts on Timothy Sykes are that his trading strategies work which is evident from many students making bank from them.Timothy Sykes really teaches you how to find stocks that are promoted and are due to crash as they’re scam’s , you wait till they break below a support level and they start crashing and that's when your making your money. Timothy Sykes uses mainly support and resistance levels and level 2 for his trading method and buying earnings winners. The video lessons are easy to understand and his trading techniques are simple to put in practice. You can be a total newbie and by next month you’ll be talking about stocks to your friends as if you’ve worked at Goldman Sachs for years. For more information on Tim Sykes penny stock alerts and his strategies go check it out.

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