I See Thou

The One True Absence Of God

There is an entity, one entity only, which gives reality both a foundation and a goal. Contemplation of this entity is the highest possible purpose of human existence, indeed the purpose from which all other purposes derive. All humans have an innate ability to come into harmonious knowledge of this entity, and this ability is what separates humanity from other animals and gives the concept of ‘human dignity’ any meaning at all. There are some among us who forsake the noise of extraneous human affairs and devote their entire lives to this entity, and we all must look to them for guidance. We do well to ensure that our politicians bear their approval, and indeed we’d do well to have these people lead our society from the highest posts that we have.

There are others, ignorant or malicious or both, who detest this entity. These people openly deny the truth that everyone, unconsciously, is born with. These people worship false idols, dragging humanity away from its innate orientation towards the truth and the light. These people are parasites; they do everything they can to denigrate and destroy the very entity that is responsible for their existence and ability to speak in the first place, and in doing so they risk destroying us all.

They will not succeed, of course; the history of humanity is the history of this entity becoming known, slowly but surely, despite the fundamental corruption of the human world. Many martyrs gave their lives for the truth to be known as the centuries rolled on, and many true books were burned on the altars of the false gods, but there is absolutely no stopping the inevitable march towards a victory that is total and that is final.

I’m obviously talking about the Physical Universe as the entity in question here. The best people in the world are Scientists who take truth directly from the source and we should all submit to them or become them. Everyone innately agrees with Scientists whether they admit to it or not. Art (and human endeavor in general) is good to the exact extent that it bears Scientific Truths, which are eternal by the way. The worst thing a human can do is not be Scientific, which means taking the Entity in question to be anything other than what I just said.

Wait, what did you think I was talking about?