The boy who picked a perfect pet

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Vayun. He had a little brother Arjun. Vayun always wanted a pet but his brother was allergic to fur. His mother said not all pets have fur and since your birthday is coming this Saturday why don’t you pick a pet without fur. Vayun started thinking — may be I can get a rat or a fish or a parrot. Vayun kept on thinking.

At last Vayun’s birthday came. He rushed his mom to the pet store. His mom asked what are you getting. Vayun said I don’t know. At the pet store his mom said why don’t you get a parrot or a rat or a fish. Then Vayun saw a sad Gecko. The shopkeeper told Vayun — “you do not want that”.

Why? Vayun asked the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper said it will destroy your house by climbing on the glass of all your stuff. Vayun said I will train the Gecko and play with it everywhere. Hearing what Vayun said the Gecko smiled. Vayun’s mom asked “Are you sure you want that?”. “Yes” — Vayun said.

The shopkeeper carefully put the Gecko in the box. When they arrived home Vayun put the Gecko in the tank. Vayun started thinking what to name him when he suddenly saw the Gecko crawl very fast on the glass of his tank. Then Vayun thought of a name — CHASE.