Where is happiness to be found? The famous Roman philosopher-emperor Marcus Aurelius said, “A man’s true delight is to do the things he was made for.” Human happiness, he maintained, lies in doing those things only humans can: seeking the truth and acting to help those who are really suffering.”

Busy with our own selves , fighting daily battles, juggling with innumerable tasks, targets to meet ,the list goes endless. High time !

Time to take a pause. Pause to talk to our own selves . Are we running a marathon, without a finishing line huffing and puffing, yearning to make our lives full of luxuries, hoarding materialistic things and flaunt to the world ,our limitless possessions.

A sudden knock leaves us all shell shocked . Here comes a celebrity with a difference. running in all directions to take us in its grip rather than being followed . Show stopper Corona that turned the bustling malls , cinema halls, and markets lifeless.

Human life! Are we really worth it.

Let’s take a sneak peek into today’s situation and we will get our answer


Ah born in the 70’s grew up with learning this famous quote -

‘Love thy neighbour as thy self’ , at present obsolete.

In this hour of crisis when we need to join hands to fight out the epidemic , few are using this as an opportunity to earn that extra buck.Disgusting indeed.

I was flabbergasted to hear this news of a place where cartons full of sanitisers and masks were hoarded.

Why do we forget , we are not permanent here. We have a role to play, why can’t we play it well and set an example for others.


We bow down to the virtual world . AI has taken the tech world by storm . Infinite advancements in the field of science but still these outbreaks , have brought us to our knees. Every nation wants to be a super power relating their strength to the weapons , the missiles they possess. What an idea to show their muscle power and intimidate . The real power lies in creating a beautiful world free of greed , hate and anger.

Better late than never.It’s time to reroute and change our definition of power , revolutionise our mindset and watch our actions.

We can together do miracles and create a happy world.

3. BAFFLED CHILDREN ! What kind of childhood are we giving them?

Poor kids, once more they bear the brunt. Summer break, autumn break, winter break and with each passing year pollution break, riots break and now the latest Covid-19 break.

Irony of the situation we talk of cleanliness, environment, truth , caring and sharing but our actions convey something else confusing the young minds , what’s going on .

What a legacy to leave behind. We simply forget ‘Actions speak louder than words’.


Visible enough that the recent Corona outbreak is the nature’s way of depicting it’s fury for all we have done to it. It’s criminal infact.

It was shocking to watch a video on explosion in Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Pripyat , Ukraine. in 1985.Post this explosion, it turned into a ghost town devoid of any life. People evacuated the towns and villages. In between 2005–2010 when the researchers returned and monitored the animal population , they found the number of animals flourishing.Surprisingly the variety of animals were able to thrive in the irradiated land. Researchers claim that the biggest factor affecting wildlife is not radiation , it’s the presence of humans.Could humans be more of a threat to wildlife than a nuclear disaster ? It’s time to ponder.

The present scenario is gross ,human posing threat to another human.We are turning into misanthropes.


Eat healthy ,be healthy , breathe fresh air , exercise are the usual tips we get to lead a fit and fine life. Eatables adulterated, air contaminated and credit goes to all of us for the mess we have created for ourselves.

We need to switch over to a simple life, build an attitude of gratitude and be gratified with what we possess.Our hunger to grab more and more has put us in the danger zone.

Take the bull by the horns, realise the mistakes we have committed and in wake of the serious situation understand that our safety lies in the safe environment and the safe world.

Together let’s fight the virus within to win over all external viruses and lead happy and joyful life.



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