Attraction was mutual
Breaking all rules
They connected
Friendship crossed all boundaries
Urge to be one was what they desired
When heart decides, logic does not prevail
Present ruled, Past failed, Future had no role.
Soon the realisation occurred, relationship was anonymous and needed time.
Commitment was the ugly demon, which played a major role.
Since they were already committed to someone else, they refused to commit to each other.
Insecurities popped up their heads
Trust couldn’t stand the test
Anger and blame did its devilish dance
It was difficult to understand why their paths crossed
Neither were they ready to give up nor to hold on
Blame game was now their favourite.
They loved to hurt each other but ended up hurting themselves all the more.
Was it love or a lesson?
Wherein each had to play their role
But by now both were tired souls
Finally it dawned on them
They have to stay apart
Happy to reside in each other’s heart