She was crazy
She was free as a bird
She loved hard
She loved unconditionally

She believed, LOVE to be the most powerful driving force in the universe.
She had faith, love comes back.
She was different
Like a lotus in the muddy water, she smiled and moved ahead in life.
She loved to be herself.
She was alone but never lonely
And then........
She dared to look beyond herself
She sinned
She fell in love
She broke her boundaries
She fell for his charms
She melted in his arms
She loved him more than she loved herself
She tied herself around Himself
She was chained to her desires
Nothing She did, made her happy
She felt needy
She felt insecure
She was now difficult
She lurked in the muddy waters, with nothing but fear.....
She threw her Mask
When She saw her reflection,
She found that she had turned ugly
She was broken
She was lonely
She doubted love
She had lost herself
She had created pain
She soon realised to love herself as never before and her favourite birdie chirped🐥
“She came alone…..
She will go alone…..
And She is strong enough to Live alone”♥️